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minecraft griefing

Common Minecraft Griefing Tactics and How to Prevent Them

Out of all the annoyances and dangers of Minecraft, griefers are by far the worst. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you probably never played multiplayer. Minecraft griefing is the act of intentionally ruining the fun of others. [Image Credits: BoardinGaming] If you’re tired of griefers destroying your creations and ruining your server, you’ve come […]

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Minecraft facts sky dimension

10 Minecraft Facts You Didn’t Know

As awesome as Minecraft is, it has some secrets and mechanics that few people know. Today, we’ll shed a little light on those secrets. I looked for the most obscure but interesting Minecraft facts and came up with ten: 1. Creepers Struck by Lightning Become “Charged” If you’ve played with mods, you may know this already, […]

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minecraft story mode

How Good Is Minecraft Story Mode?

Since the fifth and last episode of Minecraft Story Mode came out recently, let’s take a look at the series as a whole. The game is both very different and similar to the Minecraft we know and love. While Minecraft offered us all the liberty in the world and next to no story, the story […]

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