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Minecraft ender dragon

Tips for Beating the Minecraft Ender Dragon

When the Minecraft Ender Dragon was introduced to the game, everyone was excited. There have been boss mods before but this was the biggest and most dangerous vanilla mob yet. Now the dragon isn’t so new and exciting, but it can still be hard to beat. For all you aspiring dragonslayers out there, let’s talk […]

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minecraft caves

How to Stay Safe while Exploring Minecraft Caves

Exploring Minecraft caves is one of the most appealing aspects of the game, right? I mean, sure, the biomes are immersive and beautiful, but nothing beats the darkness and mysterious allure of a cave. Who knows what kind of treasure or rare minerals you might come across? Not to mention all the intricate underground bases you’ll […]

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Minecraft documentary Image

Untamed Minecraft Documentary 2016

Untamed Minecraft Documentary 2016 A land of secrets. A wilderness of wild extremes. Of towering stone. Of scorching lava. A place of endless plains and frozen fields of ice. Where nature’s law reigns supreme. A pristine wilderness captured for the first time. It is a region of incredible diversity, of precarious beauty, where wild life […]

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Minecraft Building Mistakes to Avoid as a Beginner

A lot of new players install Minecraft thinking about all the cool things they’ll build. Then once they actually start, they realize that creating something awesome is not that easy, not even in Creative. [Image Credits: ThisPirateShipp] Let’s tackle the most common beginner Minecraft building mistakes. The goal of this article is to help you become […]

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dumb ways to die in minecraft 2

The Dumbest Ways You Can Die in Minecraft

There are many ways you can die in Minecraft. Still, we all manage to do it in one dumbfounding way at least once during our playthroughs.  It’s a natural part of any game like Minecraft, so it’s nothing to be ashamed of. That’s why I’ve decided to make a compilation of the dumbest ways you can […]

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minecraft griefing

Common Minecraft Griefing Tactics and How to Prevent Them

Out of all the annoyances and dangers of Minecraft, griefers are by far the worst. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you probably never played multiplayer. Minecraft griefing is the act of intentionally ruining the fun of others. [Image Credits: BoardinGaming] If you’re tired of griefers destroying your creations and ruining your server, you’ve come […]

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Minecraft facts sky dimension

10 Minecraft Facts You Didn’t Know

As awesome as Minecraft is, it has some secrets and mechanics that few people know. Today, we’ll shed a little light on those secrets. I looked for the most obscure but interesting Minecraft facts and came up with ten: 1. Creepers Struck by Lightning Become “Charged” If you’ve played with mods, you may know this already, […]

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minecraft story mode

How Good Is Minecraft Story Mode?

Since the fifth and last episode of Minecraft Story Mode came out recently, let’s take a look at the series as a whole. The game is both very different and similar to the Minecraft we know and love. While Minecraft offered us all the liberty in the world and next to no story, the story […]

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