The New Features Brought by the Minecraft Combat Update

The Minecraft combat update, also known as Minecraft 1.9, has brought a lot of changes to the game. Some of them are big while others aren’t. We will be focusing on the biggest game changers and how they will shape the new face of Minecraft.t

The Dual Wield System

Probably the most significant change the Minecraft combat update brought is the ability to hold an item in each hand. You have a new box in your inventory designated as off-hand where you put the item you want to use.

Left-clicking works the same way. If your main hand item doesn’t have a “right-click” action, though, pressing the button will use the off-hand.

You can set whether the main hand is right or left. Also, if you press F, the items in your character’s hands switch places. The main hand item goes in the off-hand and vice-versa.

This new feature is extremely useful when building and fighting. You can be twice as productive.

The Changes to Combat

The Minecraft combat update, as the name suggests, made a lot of changes to weapons. To keep things clear, we’ll enumerate the most important differences:

  • We have shields. The only way you can block now is by using the shield. If a melee attack hits your shield, you only take 33% damage. Also, projectiles do no damage. Be careful, though, shields have durability as well.
how to craft a shield minecraft combat update

How to craft a shield

  • Attacks have a cooldown. Sword spamming isn’t as good now. Weapons have to recharge for a bit before you use them again. If you attack before it recharges, you’ll do less damage.
  • Added lingering potions. By adding Dragon’s Breath to any splash potion, you get a lingering potion. When you throw them, they create a cloud on impact. That cloud grants the effects of the potion.
  • We can use tipped arrows. By combining arrows with a lingering potion, you will get tipped arrows. They inflict the effect of the potion on your target.
how to craft tipped arrows minecraft combat update

How to craft tipped arrows

How to craft tipped arrows

  • Axes are now a real weapon. They do more damage than swords but have a longer cooldown period and less durability. Axes also have a chance to disable shields for five seconds.
  • Damage changes. Your weapons won’t do as much damage as before. Same goes for how much damage your armor absorbs. Combat against mobs will now be a bit more challenging.

The Elytra

The Minecraft combat update gave us many new toys to play with but the best, in my opinion, are the elytra.

They allow you to glide through the air when falling, and it’s a lot of fun. Just press space while in mid-air and you’ll start flying like a bird in the sky.

1.9 mincraft combat update

[Image Credits: Geekcraft]

Getting one is pretty hard, though. It isn’t craftable. It can only be found in chests in the End. The problem is that the End is not a friendly place.

If you defeat the ender dragon, an end gateway portal will generate and that will teleport you to an island. Islands in the End have ender cities and ships. In those new structures, you can find the elytra.

Elytra lose durability while you glide. You get about seven minutes of use from a new pair. They don’t break. Instead, they stay at one durability, and you can craft two together to add their resistance together.

What the Minecraft Combat Update Will Mean for the Community

PvP will be a lot more fun. The dual wield mechanic, the tipped arrows, and the shield add a new layer of strategy to the game. After all these changes, fighting will mean more planning and less running at the opponent, mashing left-click.

The other changes also mean that builders and adventurers will have many new things to do. All in all, I’d say that Minecraft has a lot more depth than before.

What are your thoughts on the update? Leave a comment below with your opinion. 

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