5 Minecraft Creations That Will Leave You Speechless

Minecraft sure is a world of wonder. It lets anyone unleash their creativity, provided they have the time to do it. Still, the game isn’t about rushing Minecraft creations to impress people. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day, now was it?

Its Creative Mode has been the talk of the town for some years now, and it’s hardly a shock. We’ve all probably given it a shot or two, and made some spectacular creations. But all of that pretty much pales in comparison to these five astonishing Minecraft creations.

Actually, scratch that. They’re not creations as much as they are masterpieces.

  1. The City Building Project

Let’s start out with a basic idea. However, that doesn’t mean the effort is standard as well. I can only imagine how much time the people on that collaborative server have put into this project.

They aim to recreate the look of modern cities in Minecraft. I don’t think it’s any particular areas. It’s just the idea of a modern setting. And it looks great.

city building project minecraft creations

I mean, at first sight, you could even think that’s a real photo of an actual city. The in-game cities feature roadways, green spaces, and even traffic lights. So attention to details is paramount on this server.

You can check out the rest of the album here.

  1. Minas Tirith from “The Lord of the Rings”

I can’t even imagine how long it took the creator to achieve such greatness. The sheer scale of the entire project is astounding and sets it apart from many Minecraft creations. The attention to detail is impressive as well.

minis tirith

Want to know what’s even better? You can view the entire project right here, and you can also download it to experience it for yourself. Yes, that’s right! You can now spend your afternoon in the capital of Gondor.

  1. A Beautiful Babylonian Metropolis

Who here has ever wanted to see the beauty of Babylonian architecture? What? Only me? It still doesn’t change the fact that what the creators of this Minecraft metropolis managed to achieve is nothing short of amazing.

babylonian metropolis

The aesthetics are astounding, and the scale of the project is enormous. I can see how people would be able to create their own stories within this place.

  1. An Incredibly Detailed Imperial City

Wow. That’s all I can honestly say when I look at this marvelous creation. The attention to detail is on-point. The scale is immense. And the aesthetics are just to die for.

imperial city

Plus, it doesn’t stop here. Like the Minas Tirith project, you can also download the Imperial City as well! Be sure to check out the video first, since screenshots can’t possibly convey how awesome it is.

  1. WesterosCraft

Out of all the Minecraft creations so far, this one is just right. It’s because we’re all so familiar with the show. And because, now, we can live our own stories of intrigue in that place.

Plus, let’s not forget that nearly the whole Game of Thrones world is recreated on the server.


You can check out the rest of the rendered screenshots hereThere’s also an entire website dedicated to helping players understand the whole world (which is pretty damn huge).

What Are Your Favorite Minecraft Creations?

I’m very interested to see what else is out there. I mean, just think of the possibilities if people can build the world of Game of Thrones in Minecraft.

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