Untamed Minecraft Documentary 2016


Untamed Minecraft Documentary 2016

A land of secrets. A wilderness of wild extremes. Of towering stone. Of scorching lava. A place of endless plains and frozen fields of ice. Where nature’s law reigns supreme. A pristine wilderness captured for the first time. It is a region of incredible diversity, of precarious beauty, where wild life and wild lands amaze.

This is Untamed Minecraft.

Winter. Vast fields of razor sharp spires of ice. Legends say these are the frozen tears of the moon. In the dead of winter, temperatures can fall as far as 80 degrees below zero. The tallest ice towers reach as high as a 30 storeys.

Only one animal dares to venture into such extreme conditions. A lone Frost Wolf has wandered off from her pack. The only thing preventing her from freezing is the thick, dense coat of fur that covers her body. Still, it is not a good idea to linger in such a hostile environment.

In the distance, her sisters call to her. The sound is too far away to reach the ears of any other creature, but Frost Wolves have ultra-sensitive hearing. Their hearing ability is so powerful that they can pick up the heartbeat of a cat from 213 kilometres away.

She follows the call and re-joins her sisters. These social animals live and hunt in packs. A strong sense of smell helps locate live prey. The sheep never stood a chance. Each animal can eat up to 16 kg of meat per day. This wolf pack will need to hunt more than just one sheep to survive.

In the warmer climates, sheep need not fear becoming a wolf’s dinner. The weather is too hot for wolves. They prefer to remain in cooler climates. These sheep have adapted to the heat. During the hottest months of the year the sheep will shed their thick wool. Evidence can be seen everywhere.

At this time of year, food is in abundance and there is no fear of predators. It is the season for fun. Sheep are excellent climbers and can scale steep slopes and sheer cliff faces. But they do have their limits. This sheep has cornered himself on a ledge. He searches desperately for a means of escape. He loses his footing and plummets 20 metres towards jagged rocks. Against all odds, he has landed in the water and narrowly escapes certain death. Unharmed, he joins a female at the bottom of the cliff.

They return to the grass plains to feed. These two sheep are young adults and it is their first breeding season. In order to mate, the male must perform an intricate dance to impress the female. This is just where he wants her. Time to begin the show. First he stares at her face with his face. It’s an oddly mesmerising display. A spot of limbering up, accompanied by a baying song. Now it’s time for his grand performance. He displays his rear, signalling to her that he is a strong male and that he can get any female he wants. It’s a game of push and pull. She seems to have been fooled. He turns back around for one final push. But something is wrong. During his performance, the male has unwittingly danced his way into horse territory. The alpha male of the herd has been angered. What should he do? For the female, the moment has gone. Sometimes, whatever you do, things just don’t work out.

With the heat of summer comes the rain. Storm pigs, as they’re aptly named have been waiting for months below ground for this moment. Individual males set up their territories. Since good positions for territory are not common, they may have to hold them against intruders. And here one comes. Storm pigs have a unique way of fending off rivals. During their many months underground they store up gases in their gut. When threatened, the storm pig will release this odorous gas. The stench is so noxious that it can momentarily render an adult elephant unconscious. This gives the storm pig precious time to escape from any predators, but it also prevents intruders from entering their territory. The gases are too powerful and the rival pig retreats, for now.

Storms descend upon the land. The wild conditions throw the pigs into a mating frenzy. Hundreds gather. The thunder and lightning seem to excite the females. Male Storm Pigs attempt to mate with as many females as possible. The window of opportunity is open for only a short period of time.

As the clouds subside and the wet season comes to an end, female storm pigs dig new burrows beneath the earth. Here they will give birth to a litter of up to 7 newborns. They will remain underground feeding off of worms and insects awaiting the next rainy season.

The immense amount of rain that falls during the wet season makes its way into streams, rivers and eventually back into the ocean.

Deep in the oceanic waters, far below the sunlit surface lurks a creature called the squid.

It is armed with writhing limbs that come equipped with thousands of suckers, each with the sucking strength of 10 industrial vacuum cleaners.

These hoovers of the see are not shy creatures and can be found at all depths of the ocean as well as further inland via rivers and lakes.

The squid is extremely docile. Its placid nature is attributed to the fact that it lacks a brain. Scientists are baffled as to how such a large creature can operate without this essential organ. Lacking any form of intelligence, the squid propels itself aimlessly through the water, at times swimming in circles for hours on end.

It can often find itself in precarious situations. Occasionally one will find its way into and underwater cave where it will remain struggling, unable to escape the current, until finally, it dies from exhaustion.

With beauty as expansive as the imagination and diversity to match, this land of mountains, lakes, forests and plains can only be described in a single surprising word:


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