10 Minecraft Facts You Didn’t Know

As awesome as Minecraft is, it has some secrets and mechanics that few people know. Today, we’ll shed a little light on those secrets. I looked for the most obscure but interesting Minecraft facts and came up with ten:

1. Creepers Struck by Lightning Become “Charged”

If you’ve played with mods, you may know this already, but creepers don’t just die from lightning. Instead, they gain a blue aura and become tougher.

Fear the charged creeper for his blast is twice as mighty.

2. Creepers Are Deformed Pigs

While on the subject of creepers, let’s talk about their origins.

Way back when Notch was still tinkering with the game, he tried to create a pig. Height, however, got mixed up with length and the result was the body. Notch was inspired by this and created their skin.

That’s how the creeper we know was born.

3. Zombie Pigmen Have a Secret Message in Their Skin

The zombie pigman skin was designed by a person going by the name ZaPhobia. When Notch included the skin in the game, he left a little thank you note on their skin. Look at the file and you’ll see it too.

Pigmen Minecraft Fact

4. Pumpkins Are Rarer Than Diamonds

Believe it or not, it’s harder to find pumpkins than the best material in the game. Next time someone is showing off their diamond gear, ask them if they have any pumpkins.

5. Wearing a Pumpkin stops Endermen from Aggravating

Not only are they so rare, but they’re useful too. Now, if you wear them as helmets, your field of view will suffer. However, on the bright side, endermen will ignore you unless you attack them.

6. Endermen Can Speak

The creepy sounds endermen make used to be words. If you take their audio files and play them in reverse, you get distorted sentences like “what’s up?” and “here.”.

Remember that next time you’re farming enderman pearls.

7. Ghasts Can Meow

Endermen are not the only mob with a cool sound file origin. In a Reddit AMA, C418, the music producer for the game revealed some Minecraft facts.

One of them is that his cat actually made the ghast sounds. He recorded it while it was sleeping and distorted the results.

8. The End Was Supposed to be the “Sky Dimension”

When Notch came up with the idea for the Nether and the End, he intended them to be like Hell and Heaven. The Nether came out pretty hellish after all.

The “Sky Dimension” was to be made of floating islands but the concept eventually became the End.

Minecraft facts sky dimension

9. Disk 11 Has a Secret Message

If you don’t know disk 11, it by far the creepiest one in the game. Instead of music, you are treated to the sounds of someone trying to run away from something. There is no context to go with it. Even the model is that of a broken record.

If you transform the sound file into a pictogram, however, you get something interesting: Steve’s face and the number 12418. The sound is still a mystery since 12418 is just C418’s signature.

10. Notch Added the Ability to Throw Eggs so a Player Would Eat His USB

I wanted the last of the Minecraft facts to be more off the wall. This piece of trivia fits perfectly.

In a discussion between Notch and a fan, the player said he’d eat a USB flash drive if Notch added the ability to throw eggs in the game. They made a deal, and both of them held their end of the bargain.

Let that be a lesson to all of us: You need to crack some eggs to make an omelet.

Do You Have Any Minecraft Facts?

I’m sure there are a lot more Easter Eggs and secrets that I missed. If you know anything, make sure to tell me in the comments. I’m really eager to know.

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