Common Minecraft Griefing Tactics and How to Prevent Them

Out of all the annoyances and dangers of Minecraft, griefers are by far the worst. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you probably never played multiplayer. Minecraft griefing is the act of intentionally ruining the fun of others.

minecraft griefing

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If you’re tired of griefers destroying your creations and ruining your server, you’ve come to the right place. We will go over some of the most common Minecraft griefing tactics – and how they can be stopped.

I’ll start by saying that Bukkit is a life-saver. This set of mods is the first and often the last line of defense against griefers. As griefing has become more sophisticated, the creators of Bukkit have worked to ensure better protection.

I’m going to reference it a lot because it’s the number one method of preventing griefing.

Rude Creation

This type of griefing has several iterations. The basic idea consists of placing blocks to annoy everyone else. These are the most common methods:

  • Offensive pixart.That’s when griefers create crude images out of colored blocks. They replace your beautiful ocean view with whatever their twisted mind could conjure.
  • Unbreakable cages.The best targets for this Minecraft griefing tactic are new players. Griefers surround AFK players or their creations in cages made out of obsidian or bedrock (if creative mode is on). New players don’t have good pickaxes to break the blocks and end up getting stuck.
  • Building “flooding”.Don’t let the name fool you. Griefers often use solid blocks, especially sand and gravel because of their properties. They fill your house with something, making it uninhabitable.
  • Tree creation.While it sounds innocent, tree spawning used to be the worst form of Minecraft griefing on the list. That’s because plugins couldn’t undo the damage. The idea is that they’d just use sapling and bonemeals to turn buildings into forests.

Bukkit is your best friend in all of these cases. Use the Logging/Rollback plugins to protect your land against griefers. Rollbacks work on planted trees now as well.

General Destruction

This is probably the most common and basic form of Minecraft griefing.

Some players find no greater joy than to fill buildings with TNT and watch them explode. They often only leave a small fraction of the original creation.

minecraft griefing TNT

Some griefers get creative and create cannons that launch TNT from a distance. They can also use creepers or lava to ruin the creations of others.

If the game mode is creative, they can do much more harm. Griefers can instantly destroy all the blocks around them. Some, more well-mannered players only destroy torches.

The Logging/Rollback plugins are again a great help against this Minecraft griefing tactic. To prevent others from destroying anything in the first place, use Bukkit to activate block or chunk protection. You can make your buildings completely indestructible.

Limiting the use of TNT or buckets also cuts down on griefing.

Lag Attacks

Some item drops put more strain on servers than others. In large quantities, they can even crash the server completely. The main items you have to watch out for are boats, minecarts and redstone.

Griefers cause lag by dropping huge numbers of these items in small spaces.

Creative mode is especially dangerous because griefers can get the items instantly. They no longer need to forage for resources.

Use Bukkit mods to limit placement of some blocks and to remove dropped items after some time.

Who Uses Minecraft Griefing Tactics?

Most griefers seem friendly at first. Some even pretend to be normal players. They gain the trust of admins or even have admin rights themselves.

It may not sound like fun, but if you want your server to be grief-free, assume that anyone new is a griefer. Stay informed, and get the newest versions of anti-grief plugins as soon as they become available.

With vigilance and the right mods, your server can be a bastion of fun, just as it was meant to be.

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