3 Other Games Minecraft Players May Enjoy

If you’re anything like me, you love Minecraft but can’t play it forever. After a good long Minecraft session, I feel like trying something different. That’s how I ran into these three games.

What motivated me to make this list is how much fun I had with these games. I think each one of them deserves the attention of Minecraft players. Let’s get into details.

1. Terraria

When this game came out, a lot of people called it a 2D Minecraft clone. I was inclined to agree with them at first, but now I know it’s not true. With all the content updates it got, the only common point seems to be the starting concept.

Minecraft players might like Terraria

[Image Source: Terraria]

The variety this game has more than makes up for the fact that it’s not 3D. It’s also a lot more visually appealing than vanilla Minecraft. One thing Terraria lacks, in comparison, is that feeling of exploration and wonder.

Why Minecraft Players Will Like It

If you like PvP or PvE in Minecraft, Terraria is definitely for you. Much of its gameplay is centered around combat. It has loads of weapons, armors, and helpful items. You can mine and craft your own weapons, but the best ones are made by killing bosses.

You can also make truly beautiful creations in this game as well. 2D works to your advantage here. With loads of different building materials, you can build a palace that spans half the map, and it will look great.

If you liked these aspects in Minecraft, you’ll love them in Terraria.

2. Starbound

When this game came out, it was called a Terraria clone. You can see the trend here, right? Well, Starbound has much more in common with Terraria than Terraria has with Minecraft.

It’s similar, but here you’re traveling from planet to planet in a science fiction setting. You begin with your own spaceship. You upgrade your tools and ship and visit different systems. If you’re a science fiction fan, this one is for you.


[Image Source: Starbound]

Why Minecraft Players Will Like It

In Minecraft, you’ll see most scenery differences on the surface. In Starbound, mining is more fleshed out, and you’ll encounter most biomes underground.

The combat system has both melee weapons and guns. You can do just about anything with either. The feeling of exploration is alive and well implemented in this game.

You choose from a few different races, each with its distinct appearance and culture. This choice will affect the aesthetics of your equipment and ship but little else.

You feel like a space adventurer in this game. It’s a great experience.

3. Don’t Starve

This game is as grim as the name implies. It’s by far the most different one from Minecraft. This one might not be for all Minecraft players. 

Don't Starve

[Image Credits: Klei Entertainment]

Don’t Starve is all about survival. You are thrown into a hostile and confusing world. You have to craft and fight to survive with your sanity intact.

As you progress through the game, you put together the puzzle pieces that are the story. I won’t spoil anything for you but don’t expect too many details or answers.

Why Minecraft Players Will Like It

For the hardcore survival fans out there, this game is for you. You have to think about hunger, sanity, temperature and health. Food degrades and evil creatures stalk you after dusk.

It’s not pretty. I assure you that you will die. A lot. But after each try, you become better, and there is real joy in that. You have different characters, and the world is always different. No two playthroughs will be the same.

Also, the longer you will last, the more playable characters you will unlock, each one with their own unique strengths.

Are There Other Similar Games You’d Enjoy?

These games spawned a lot of carbon-copy clones. I excluded them because they weren’t unique enough. Look around enough though and you’ll find them. You may even like them.

I hope you liked the list and the games. Make sure you check out the other articles for more cool stuff. I’ve got a free eBook for you too. Just subscribe to the newsletter, and it’s yours.

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