New to Minecraft? Here Are 6 Tips to Get You Started

Hey, how’s it going? Are you one of the many people who are new to Minecraft? Well, you shouldn’t be surprised, as, each day, more and more people are finding out what a fun game this is.

Whether you found it randomly or heard about it from a friend doesn’t matter. What does matter is not letting all the information overwhelm you.

I think it’s safe to assume you first underestimated how complex this game is. Still, you shouldn’t let that bring you down, as this is one game everyone should play at least once in their lives. It’s just so great that it lets you enforce your creativity in the world. Plus, it provides a survival experience like no other game.

new to minecraft

Anyway, since you’re new to Minecraft, let’s get down to business.

My Six Personal Pointers for People Who Are New to Minecraft

  1. Don’t put too much value on gold tools – I’m guilty myself of making this mistake when I first started playing the game. Sure, a gold pickaxe sounds cool. And who doesn’t want to wield a gold sword? Well, they’re only good for looks, unfortunately. See, gold tools and weapons are pretty weak, and they wear out too fast. Save your gold for golden apples and carrots instead. You’ll thank me for it later in the game. Also, don’t throw away wood tools, as you can use them as fuel in your furnace.
  2. Use beds to reset your spawn points – When you’re new to Minecraft, it’s quite easy to die in-game. When that happens, you’ll respawn where you first spawned in the game. This can be changed if you craft a bed and sleep in it. Doing so will reset your spawn point in the safety of your base, not in the middle of nowhere.
  3. How to fight Creepers – You knew this one was coming. Sometimes, even one Creeper is enough to cost you your in-game life. Here’s what you need to do: Sprint towards them, hit them and then back up. Next, you repeat the process until they’re dead. It’s as easy as that.
  4. Branch mine when you’re low on time – This is one convenient way to quickly find resources. Dig deep underground and use the Y-Axis (by pressing F3) to see when you reach level 11. Next, dig 20 blocks into a wall. That will create a shaft. Once you are done with that, get out of the shaft, move 3 blocks to the left or right, and repeat the process. Every shaft is bound to contain at least some valuable resources.
  5. Surround your home with torches – You don’t do this just for the ambiance (although it’s a nice touch). Once you’ve built yourself a home you like, place torches around it. This way, no night-time monsters will spawn in the vicinity.
  6. Always cook your food – This is a must, just like in real life. It might seem faster to just eat the meat you acquire to heal yourself and fix your Hunger. However, if you cook it, it will restore more Health and sate your Hunger for longer.

I hope these pointers will come in handy for all those of you who are new to Minecraft.

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