Tips for Beating the Minecraft Ender Dragon

When the Minecraft Ender Dragon was introduced to the game, everyone was excited. There have been boss mods before but this was the biggest and most dangerous vanilla mob yet. Now the dragon isn’t so new and exciting, but it can still be hard to beat.

For all you aspiring dragonslayers out there, let’s talk strategy.

Preparation Is Key

Once you go through the portal, there’s no going back. You either have to beat the boss or die trying. You need proper equipment if you want to win this.

The most important item for this fight is your bow. It’ll be your primary weapon against the Minecraft Ender Dragon and his Ender Crystals. The boss has a lot of health, so you better enchant the bow with Power too. The bigger the enchantment level, the better the results. The dragon sure is big, too.

Minecraft ender dragon

A sword will be useful against Endermen but engaging the dragon up close might not be a good idea. Bring a sword but don’t rely on it too much. It’s too dangerous.

Armor is a must, and that goes without saying. You can take a lot of damage quickly, so you need protection. If it’s your first time fighting the boss, face him with a full diamond set.

Potions and food are necessary because you’ll take damage. You need potions of regeneration to regain health over time. Get a few potions of healing too if you need any instant health. Keep your hunger bar full at all times.

Get a pickaxe and a few stacks of rock blocks or ladders. You’ll use them to climb the Ender Pearl towers and destroy them.

Lastly, don’t waste your time with snowballs. As of 1.9, they don’t deal damage to the dragon anymore.

Once you’ve got all this equipment, you’re ready to face the Minecraft Ender Dragon.

The Fight

During your time in the End, you’ll have two main focuses: Destroying the Ender Crystals and defeating the Ender Dragon.

The Ender Crystals

Once you make your way to the main island, you’ll see three things:

  1. The dragon
  2. A ton of endermen
  3. Some tall towers

Focus on the latter because the crystals are on top. They heal the Minecraft Ender Dragon much faster than you can damage it.

minecraft end

[Image Source: PlanetMinecraft]

Some crystals will be completely unprotected on their towers. With a well-placed arrow, you can blow them up from the ground. Just watch for the dragon while doing that.

The crystals inside metal cages are a bigger problem. To destroy them, you’ll have to climb the towers. Use rock blocks or ladders to go up. Destroy the cage with your pickaxe and attack. Watch out because the crystals explode when you hit them and they will damage you.

Destroy all of them if possible. This way the dragon won’t heal anymore. If you’re low on health or supplies, you can leave one or two standing, but it’s risky.

The Minecraft Ender Dragon

The dragon will try to cover you in purple fire and headbutt you the whole fight. Body shots deal very little damage, so aim for the head to deal serious damage and stop charges.

Always keep your eyes on it. This way, you know when it attacks and you’ll avoid aggroing endermen as well. Don’t try to shoot the dragon when it’s far away. You’ll most likely miss.

Remember that it has more health than you. Don’t try to trade blows with it. Instead, avoid any attacks and only shoot when you’re relatively safe. You’ll still need a lot of headshots depending on your bow.

Defeating the Boss

After the crystals are gone, it’s just a matter of being patient and careful. Don’t try building shelters because the dragon can go right through them. Shields are also a bad idea. Your only real option is to dodge attacks.

With all these tips, you should be able to win. Don’t take that as the end of the game, though. A portal will open, and you’ll be able to go home and prepare for your next adventure.

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